Riding Solo To The Top Of The World (PG)

Selected for 21 festivals and in total Winner of 12 Awards including:
53rd National Film Awards, India 2006 – Won : Best Non-Feature Film
Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival 2006 – Won: Audience Award Best Documentary
Independent South Asian Film Festival 2007: – Won: Audience Award
BANFF Mountain Film Festival 2009: – Nominated: Documentary finalist

A lone motorbike travels from the teeming heart of India in Mumbai, to one of its remotest fringes – the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh, near the Chinese border. The Changthang is a vast, treeless expanse where temperatures drop to minus 40 Celsius in winter. The lone rider films the landscape and the people he encounters along his journey, and learns a lot about himself in the process. The Changpa people of the region live a life where the seasons and religion still play central roles, distant in every way from Jani’s cosmopolitan existence in Mumbai. Riding Solo to the Top of the World is a beautiful document of a unique place and its people, as well as a tale of the exhilaration, hardship, joy and occasional self-doubt that an intrepid traveller experiences on the journey of a lifetime.