The Little Terrorist (12A)

little_terroristAcademy Awards (Oscars), USA 2005 – Nominated: Oscar Best Short Film, Live Action
Almería International Short Film Festival 2005 – Won: Audience Award
European Film Awards 2005 – Nominated: Best Short Film Award
Manhattan Short Film Festival 2004 – Won: Grand Prize
Montréal World Film Festival 2004 – Won: First Prize (Short Films)

The Little Terrorist is a reminder that humanity and compassion can shine even in the most inhumane circumstances. In the deserts of Rajasthan, 10-year-old Jamal mistakenly crosses the border into India after chasing the ball in a cricket match. As a stray Pakistani in India, even at his tender age he is suspected as a terrorist, and is hunted by the army. An aged Brahmin takes Jamal in and shelters him, at great risk to himself, and doing so is forced to re-examine his opinion of Pakistanis, who, prior to 1947, were his own countrymen. It won director Ashvin Kumar an Oscar nomination.